“This Employee Is A Bigger Pushover Than Any Female Employee In History” A First-Year Staffer Hired Mid-Year To The PR Department Asumi Yoshioka (26 Years Old) She’s So Nice, She Can’t Turn Down A Request, So We Got On Our Hands And Knees And Begged Her To Do This, And She Looked At Us With An Unbelievably Kind Face And So We Were Able To Film The Most Surprising And Amazing Sex!!

「今までのどの女子社員よりも押しに弱い社員」 宣伝部・中途入社1年目 吉岡明日海(26) お願いを断れない性格で、土下座すればやらせてくれそうな彼女のありえないくらい優しくて懐の深い素顔と意外とスケベで巧者なSEXが撮れました!! [DVD]



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